The advantages of a self-propelled roller in comparison with non-self-propelled samples are obvious even to an unprepared person. Such a car has an engine, an operator's cabin. To start working with it, just turn on the "ignition". And it is not at all necessary, as in the case of the trailed option, to look for a tractor or some other suitable special equipment for this. Of course, a self–propelled skating rink is a more expensive toy. But professionals of road construction still try to give preference to him. Trailed vehicles are bought only in conditions of a very limited budget.

The tasks for which it makes sense to use a self-propelled skating rink can be very different, differing from each other as much as the road construction and repair industry itself allows. On the one hand, it is possible to effectively solve the problems of layer-by-layer soil compaction. An excellent effect can be achieved by working with both crushed stone and any stabilizing materials. At the same time, there is no particular difference from what object you have to work at. A self-propelled skating rink can be safely used for the construction of embankments, rolling the territory of airports. If necessary, it is possible to work effectively even when creating dams. The list of materials with which a self-propelled roller can work is extremely wide. This includes not only many types of clay or sandy soil, but also a ready–made roadbed, no matter what material it is made of - on asphalt or concrete.

The self-propelled skating rink is produced in almost all countries where there are at least some rudiments of mechanical engineering. It can be found not only in Europe or overseas (in the USA and at Canadian factories), but also in Russia and Belarus. China, Japan and South Korea are ready to provide a huge selection of self-propelled ice rinks. Moreover, it is the Celestial Empire that is in the lead here.

Wherever the company producing ice rinks is located, similar trends are observed everywhere. The self-propelled skating rink becomes the main reference point for development. Trailed devices (the tongue does not turn to call them machinery) are becoming less and less in demand on the market, and manufacturers of special equipment are gradually forgetting about them. Some even rebuild factory facilities to the detriment of the latter. This is done, for example, by individual European manufacturers. They are not fundamentally engaged in the production of trailed vehicles. Even in relatively poor Russia, similar trends are observed. The ruble is the first to hint at this. In the capital of the domestic skating rink, Rybinsk, literally units of such equipment are sold per year. slot big win 777