Cogeneration is the simultaneous production, within a same process, of electricity (electrical energy) and useful heat (thermal energy). The key idea is in the concept of simultaneity, since there is no loss in energy, makes it a high-efficiency energy system. .

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key element in the business strategy of La Piña. The way to do things better. For that reason, in the late 90’s, searching a significant improvement in energy efficiency, with the expansion of cogeneration, La Pina decided to be on energy savings train and set up in its facilities a Cogeneration Plant with two motors.

La Piña moved to Natural Gas, both for cogeneration engines and forging furnaces, replacing fuel as main energy source. Later in the year 2000, we built a second plant incorporating three groups.

Taking this great step also meant developing the company’s core values:

  • Energy Efficiency: allows very significant energy savings. More Cogeneration, more efficiency.
  • Competitiveness: it allows us to take better advantage of our resources and gives us greater capacity for the development of our products. Allows us to have a more stable (energetic) network.
  • Climate Action: saving Primary Energy and reducing emissions by using renewable and low-emission fuels such as Natural Gas.
  • Ecological Transition: It is key to the success of this. Cogeneration is essential to continue to have a competitive, more efficient and less polluting energy and industrial sector. 

Investing in Cogeneration is doing so in Efficiency and Climate Action, which leads us to the generation of quality employment. On the way to the energy transition, it helps us to achieve sustainability and productivity.

Therefore, to bet on Cogeneración is to bet on the future, a sustainable future.

“Moving from fuel to natural gas was one of the best things that were done in the company, both on an environmental and productive level” (Roberto J. Ferrero, Quality Manager)