La Piña launches new Website and new Catalogue

Work Well Done: Our claim. This slogan reflects and represents our corporate values.

La Piña unveils new image. We want to show outside what we are really inside, provide an international image. Our Corporate Brand has been updated to reflect the company’s identity as a leading manufacturer of agricultural components.


La Piña does believe in quality, as overall concept. Quality understood as the sum total of all activities we carry out. From the beginning of the production process, with raw materials, to the end, with the satisfaction of our clients.

This is what we wanted to express with our new logo and claim.


More than 70 years of experience endorse our track record. We are leaders in the production of Discs, Points, Tines, Mouldboards, Blades and Clamps, for this reason, the task of renovate our Brand was not easy. On the one hand, we have pretended to reflect the sobriety and seriousness that characterizes us and on the other hand dynamism and industry. To do this, we have been based on values such as Innovation, Quality, Commitment and Customer Service.

For us, rather than a new logo is the evolution of the Company through a differentiating value proposal in the agricultural components market.


La Piña Logos's Evolution Our new logo expresses the fields where our parts are used. It keeps the robustness that characterises our products. For this reason, the basis represents an unvil used in the small blacksmiths, making a nod to our origins. The corporate colour has been maintened. Furthermore this colour is associated with the fire, essential resource for the production of our products.

We have renewed our website to improve the user experience and to facilitate the naviagtion. We also present a new catalogue of products. This way, our customers will be able to find all about our products quickly and easily.

Finally, La Piña expects this rebranding will strengthen our positioning and will be well received by the current and future customers.