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La Piña was born from the dream of creating a great Company. It daily grows thanks to the effort of our staff. We are a family business with profitable grow, helped by qualified employees who lead us to success.

We have consolidated our status as Full Service Supplier, joining the clients into the entire product cycle.

To be a reference of the maximum quality in the production of agricultural spares parts.

La Piña is one of the main manufacturers of agricultural wearing parts worldwide. We offer products of high added value for soil cultivation and planting.

We have become an leader company in our sector because of our brand values.


Innovation allows us to understand the need to improve and grow, facing the challenges of the sector.


We set internationally recognized quality standards. Only top steel from the most important European steel factories is worked. The guarantee that all our products are 100% Made in Spain is a security for our customers.


We incorporate the latest technologies into our production processes improving efficiency, production and delivery time.

Customer Service

Customers are our main focus, being their satisfaction our priority. We have a business model based upon its flexibility, agility and capacity to adapt to the customer needs.

We dominate the complete manufacturing cycle of all our pieces, from the design and conception phase, through development and validation, up to the final delivery to the client, with scrupulous respect with deadlines.